Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic

About Us

Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic is a well respected physiotherapy practice located in Wicklow Town. Founded in 2004 by Maebhe Connolly, (a Wicklow town native!). (See more about our therapists)

At Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic we provide high quality, cost effective physiotherapy that can be accessed by the community with ease.   We take the time in the initial consultation to fully examine you, identify the injury, and provide you with a personalised prognosis and recovery plan.

One of our biggest assets is our experience in treating a wide variety of conditions. We pride ourselves in adopting a hands- on approach and providing explanations for your pain.   We will help you address and manage your condition as well as working with you to develop a personalised treatment plan, so that you can return to your happy healthy self sooner rather than later.

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