What is Physiotherapy?

Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic is a chartered physiotherapy practice recognised by all major health insurers.

Every physiotherapist working at the clinic is CORU registered.  All therapists at Wicklow Physio Clinic are experts in treating injury and pain.  They have completed extensive postgraduate training in many different areas.  . Our physios are committed to their continuing professional development with an emphasis on evidence-based practice.

What is a Physiotherapist?
Physiotherapists are professionals trained in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of pain and injury. After taking a thorough history and understanding how your problem affects you, we conduct a physical examination which involves testing structures such as muscles, nerves, joints, ligaments and tendons in order to establish the exact source of your pain or injury. Once an exact diagnosis is established we will embark on treatment specific to your problem that takes into account your lifestyle and expectations.   We will discuss the problem in detail with you and also give you advice on how to prevent your injury returning.

At Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic we use a variety of techniques to reduce pain and speed up the healing process.  We reduce stiffness, improve strength and restore pain free movement as quickly as possible.   Whether you are rehabilitating following surgery, have developed pain through overuse, or have suffered an acute injury, Physiotherapy plays an important role.

Techniques Include:

  • Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation
  • Soft Tissue Massage to improve muscle flexibility
  • Electrotherapy machines used to reduce pain and speed up healing
  • Muscle re-education using biofeedback
  • Specific Exercise Programs

If you  d like to know whether Physiotherapy could help your problem, fill out our Ask a Physio Box and one of our physiotherapists will tell you how we can help you.

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What is A Chartered Physiotherapist?
The title “Physiotherapist” alone is not evidence of a formal qualification in Physiotherapy. All chartered physiotherapists will have undergone an intensive three or four year degree and will have done many hours of supervised clinical practice before they graduate.

The title “Chartered Physiotherapist” and the initials MISCP indicate that a physiotherapist is a member of the professional regulating body, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP).

It is mandatory to complete continuing professional development (CPD) in order to retain membership of the ISCP.   Chartered Physiotherapists thus have the high level of education, knowledge and experience needed to give a high quality and effective service to patients. Physiotherapists apply research outcomes and evidence based techniques to treat injuries and help patients get back in motion.

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Why see a chartered physiotherapist?
Chartered physiotherapists are able to use their extensive conventional medical training in anatomy, physiology, pathology and human movement to understand how and why pain and injury occur. They are highly skilled in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, including application of appropriate and safe mobilisation and manipulation techniques for spinal problems.

Chartered physiotherapists are fully recognised by all the major health insurers.  Chartered physiotherapy treatments are eligible for tax relief through the Med 1 form system available to download on www.revenue.ie

Is your physiotherapist chartered?
If you are currently attending a  physio and want to check they are members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists log onto the following sites  www.iscp.ie  or  www.cppp.ie  and click the  find a physio icon.

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