Get Fit for New Year

Don’t let an injury stop you from getting fit this New Year. Come and see the experts

With the New Year fast approaching and after indulging in too much food, many of us will be looking for a plan to get back into shape. Some of our patients will want to shed those extra few kilos accumulated whilst in front of the TV with the box of chocolates. Others might just want to become more active. Whatever your reason the physios in this practice can help you get fit and maintain it.

For those who have never participated in a fitness program, knowing where to start is always a challenge. For those   of us who were previously active, but have found ourselves out of routine, we need to find a safe and appropriate place to start again.

For a lot of people one thing preventing exercise is the thought of actually doing it.   Getting fit doesn  t have to be daunting or even difficult.   Your choice of exercise can be as simple as picking up a skipping rope and doing some hopping or spending twenty minutes walking to work as opposed to taking the car.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle.   Come and ask us how!   Whatever you do don  t use lack of time to stop you getting on the road to fitness right now.

Set achievable goals for yourself. Don  t try to force yourself to go to the gym daily or go do an activity you don  t like. It is important to plan out your fitness program and set attainable goals. This will help you stay healthy and active and want to maintain a fitness program.

If you are unsure what to do, or if you have some nagging injury which is preventing you from participating in an activity, consult with us. We are movement specialists and are the most knowledgeable with exercise prescription, especially with populations who have underlying health or musculoskeletal injuries.

At Wicklow Physiotherapy Clinic we can help you design a program which takes into account your individual health status. We will conduct a detailed biomechanical assessment to help identify the areas of weakness which will help with injury prevention. Get the New Year started on the right track for a healthy injury free year.

Don  t let an injury stop you getting fit, come and see the experts!

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