Physiotherapy Assessment

Physiotherapy Assessment:
The aim of a physiotherapy assessment is to identify the cause of the pain in order to find the most effective and efficient way of treating the problem. The assessment findings will be discussed with you to help you understand what’s wrong and how you can avoid further problems. Before any action is taken the nature of your problem and cause of your pain will be explained in detail, in language that you can understand. An effective treatment plan will then be devised.

What does a physiotherapy assessment involve?
Physiotherapy assessment starts with taking a detailed history so that we can find out in your own words how the problem is affecting you. We ask many questions regarding the quality and behaviour of your pain what makes it worse and what makes it better, how long it lasts and whether this is your first episode or one of many. This is just a sample of some questions that may be asked. The aim of the history taking is to give us knowledge of the nature of the pain and ultimately possible causes of your problem.

The second part of the assessment is known as the physical examination. This involves observing the affected area and then performing various tests on the musculoskeletal system to provide us with a better understanding of the cause of the problem.

The findings of the history taking and physical exam are then evaluated by the physiotherapist in order to formulate an accurate diagnosis. We then discuss in detail the findings and cause of your pain and provide you with treatment options including the number of treatments that are required and an estimate of the length of time recovery will take. We give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and one of our main aims following the first visit is that you will have a good understanding of your problem and how we intend to help you manage it.

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